Burholme EMS

Burholme EMS, the first established ambulance service in Philadelphia, offers providers an urban style emergency pre-hospital care environment. It’s because of our station’s location, Burhome EMS provides a parallel 911 service to areas of Northeast Philadelphia and the surrounding communities of Montgomery County. For 85 years, BEMS has been a regional-leading agency in cardiovascular excellence and elite basic and advanced life support care to its patients. Due to the diverse healthcare systems in the region, Medic 96 transports the acutely ill and injured patients to numerous emergency departments. BEMS also provides continuing education classes and BLS/ALS skill(s) reviews to its staff members and mutual-aid agencies with an in-house training facility taught by our seasoned EMS instructors. Burholme EMS staffs its MICUs with an EMT and a paramedic, 24/7, with 12-hour shifts of 6a-6p. Full-time staff members are given benefits such as vacation, sick, and personal time as well as a 403(b)-retirement plan. Besides our daily emergency operation, BEMS has a community paramedicine program in which our CP team visits patients on a scheduled non-emergent basis, post-discharge from the hospital with a mission to keep patients out of the hospital. Burholme EMS is always interested in the most professional and talented clinicians!