Montgomery County Emergency Services

Montgomery County Emergency Service EMS station 305 is a unique ambulance service operating out of MCES, the psychiatric crisis center of Montgomery County. We are a specialized BLS Ambulance serving all of Montgomery County in assisting police with serving involuntary mental health warrants (302’s) and transporting these patients in psychiatric crises to an appropriate facility. Our service reduces the need for police and EMS to transport out of their local, keeping them available for other emergencies. Our EMTs are extremely capable of BLS skills, crisis de-escalation, maintaining safety throughout transport and understanding/explaining Mental Health Law. Having a crew trained/experienced in responding to psychiatric emergencies assists our patients enter treatment in a safe, least restrictive and trauma informed manner. This specialization also leads to overall safer environments for other EMS agencies responding, our crew, patients and any public safety personnel involved.

Although station 305’s primary role is assisting police with serving 302’s in the communities throughout Montgomery County, our service also transports psychiatric patients from hospitals, police stations, other facilities, and from the MCES inpatient unit. We assist Medical staff with acute medical emergencies on the inpatient unit and psychiatric crisis center and transport those patients to local ED’s for evaluation/treatment.

Emergency 9-1-1 Runs