The emergency medical services field is one of the most rewarding and challenging careers that one can choose to enter.

Within EMS there are three main careers: Emergency Medical Responder, Emergency Medical Technician and Paramedic. EMRs and EMTs job description is to provide basic care and assess the patient’s situation. Paramedics have more extensive training and are able to administer IV’s, perform resuscitation, interpret EKGs and administer medications.

The EMS field is projected to grow by 15% by 2026 and the need for these services is constant.

The most successful employees in this field are able to perform well under pressure, quickly assess and react in highly stressful situations and want to be a helping hand in the community. Our team works with new members to ensure they learn and execute these skills while on the job.

If you have a strong passion for helping your community and feel an Emergency Medical Services career would be the right fit for you.

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